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The Importance of Compassion in Estate Planning, Administration, and Probate

When you work with individuals dealing with matters of estate planning and administration, you routinely encounter people who are vulnerable, apprehensive, and emotionally overwhelmed.

These can be some of the most vulnerable points in a person’s life. After all, no one wants to take time to plan for the event of their death, to lay their accounts and personal information out in the open and look ahead at their own mortality. It doesn’t matter who you are, this can be a scary, melancholy, and emotionally taxing endeavor to undertake.

Similarly, it can be a trying and emotionally raw experience to act as an executor or administrator for an estate, handling a loved one’s affairs after they have passed.

In addition to grappling with all of the strict deadlines and complicated tasks that come along with handling an estate – including paying off debts, closing accounts, overseeing distribution of assets, filing paperwork with the courts, and much more – survivors may also still feel stunned or sorrowful over the loss of a loved one.

In times such as these, it may be important to bring on a partner with an objective eye, capable of seeing matters from the outside and offering impartial guidance whenever necessary.

At the same time, it is important to recognize that you could well be going through a stressful, emotional time – and that your partner should be someone who can recognize this, and knows how to act accordingly.

When it comes to bringing on an experienced probate professional to assist you, then, it may prove just as vital to look out for compassion, care, and empathy as it is to see what degree is hanging from their office wall. As we’ve noted on this blog before, it may prove important to work with a probate attorney that you feel comfortable and compatible with, and who is able to accommodate your needs.

As you sit down with attorneys and other professionals and try to find the right partner for you and your family, you may want to consider questions such as:

- Does the professional’s communication style work for you?

- Do they seem flexible and willing to work with your schedule (within reason)?

- Are you comfortable spending time with this person or team?

- Do they seem genuinely interested in you, and willing to engage with your unique situation?

- Are they willing to listen to you if you want to tackle certain elements of the probate and estate planning process on your own, to minimize costs?

Remember, this can be an emotional, frustrating time, even under the best of circumstances. You may be surprised to find emotions bubbling up unexpectedly, perhaps at the worst possible moment. As these situations come up, you’re going to want a partner who will stick with you through thick and thin, who is willing to listen, and who brings empathy, patience, and compassion to the table.

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